Want to learn how to create and build residual income that will continue to grow the rest of your life?

Great! Because that is exactly what College Rentals 101 is designed to do.

We created College Rentals 101 to help people navigate the niche of providing housing for college students.  There are some different rules when it comes to analyzing student housing vs the traditional single-family market.  College Rentals are subject to several influences, such as a narrower geographic area, the college calendar, and in some cases stricter zoning laws.  Additionally, dealing with young adults can be challenging and rewarding at the same time.  However, this niche also has a growing population and in some markets College Rentals financially out perform single family rentals.

 There are a lot of websites and books that provide nonspecific information about purchasing and managing rental property.  Many of these sites lump college rentals in with single family rentals, if they mention college rentals at all.  At College Rentals 101 we provide detailed information that is specific to the student rental market.  We will provide information about how we purchase and manage quality housing for college students so that you can do it too. We have learned a lot about what works in this niche market and what does not. And like you, we are still educating ourselves.

Who is this website for?

This website if for YOU whether you already own one or more college rentals, if you have rentals in other niches and want to branch out, don’t have any rental experience and want to educate yourself on possible options before you dive in, or are tired of the corporate world and want to see how others are working to escape it by building passive income so you can be motivated to do the same! We hope readers can find inspiration and motivation while learning from our experiences with our passive income choices, specifically investing in college rental properties and a few side hustles along the way.

Who are the faces behind College Rentals 101? 

Glad you asked. We are a husband and wife team who founded College Rentals 101 as a way to document our journey to building passive income. Our goal is to create financial independence through passive income so we can do the things we love, like being with our three small daughters, traveling, giving money to good causes, etc.

We married in 2009 and started our lives together in the corporate world on the East Coast. We were nearly $100,000 in debt when we said “I do!” We slowly dug out of debt and figured we would both have to work jobs until retirement age. But in 2014 we left the corporate world after struggling with the realization that we didn’t want to work stressful jobs for the rest of our lives while raising kids a few states away from our families. 

We stumbled into what a great passive income option college rentals can be when we bought our second rental property in 2014. (Our first is a Single-Family Rental).  It was originally just a way to diversify investments. But once we discovered how well college rentals can cash flow, we knew this was our best option for building passive income.

Mrs. College Rental now stays at home and homeschools our girls, and Mr. College Rental has returned to the construction field with an 8-5 job while we build our rental portfolio.

Mr. College Rental has a construction background and is great at sizing up the physical aspects of properties and working on our existing houses. Mrs. College Rental has an engineering degree and loves numbers. She enjoys analyzing the numbers side of potential deals and handles the book work for our existing portfolio. We both enjoy working together to build passive income!

Between us, we will share with you the details on every aspect of our college rental business.